The Rundown #8

Harman Phoenix 200
🔗 Harman Phoenix – New Color Film! “Like the mystical phoenix, this new colour film represents hope, rebirth and transformation.” If you haven’t yet heard the announcement, Harman Photo, the owner of Ilford Photo, has released a brand new color film they’re calling Harman Phoenix 200! Boasting “high contrast and strong, visible grain”, this limited-edition, […]
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The Rundown #7

new Orwo color film
Orwo Still Hasn’t Shipped Film It is with sadness that I mark the 1 year anniversary of pre-ordering brand new Orwo film. A year ago today, I pre-ordered 5 rolls of film from Orwo, including their new color film, Wolfen NC500, as well as new B&W films, Wolfen NP100 and NP400. It has been exactly […]
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The Rundown #6

🔗 A Crash Course in Street Photography “If street photography is sticking your camera in someone’s face and snapping a negative reaction or look of displeasure at having their privacy invaded, then I don’t like it.” I agree with Barnaby. I’d love to ‘shoot street’, but I have no intention of getting in someone’s face. […]
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The Rundown #5

🔗 Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day “We will extend the submission date to include your photograph in this year’s gallery until June 30th.” Tomorrow — April 26, 2020 — is Pinhole Photography Day! This will be my first time participating and I have plans to replace the lenses on two of my medium format cameras with […]
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The Rundown #4

🔗 Couch Camera Straps “These vintage camera straps are made from the actual 35 year old fabric used to upholster mid 1980’s Volkswagen cars like Golfs and GTI’s.” Couch takes old discarded vinyl and seatbelt fabric and uses it to create camera straps, guitar straps, and wallets. I love these straps. I own 4 Couch […]
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The Rundown #3

🔗 camerajunky Years ago, when I first started my adventure in film photography, I came across the camerajunky blog and saw that Gábor was giving away a few cameras — for free! Most were already spoken for but I emailed him anyway and he sent me a Praktica MTL3 with a 50mm f/1.8 Pentacon lens. […]
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The Rundown #2

🔗 FLAVR “The most comprehensive reference for 35mm film.” Ever wonder what photos shot with a particular film stock will look like? FLAVR, the Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference, answers that question. It features photos taken with every film stock available at the time of publication in 2017. This is a great reference for film […]
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The Rundown

I’ve decided to start a new linkblog-style series that I call The Rundown. It’s nothing more than links of interest along with some commentary (which I’m hoping will help me remember why I’ve bookmarked these sites). 🔗 The Big Film Database It is exactly what it sounds like: a big database of film brands and […]
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