The Rundown #6

#495. Kodak Tri-X 400, Praktica MTL3.

🔗 A Crash Course in Street Photography

“If street photography is sticking your camera in someone’s face and snapping a negative reaction or look of displeasure at having their privacy invaded, then I don’t like it.”

I agree with Barnaby. I’d love to ‘shoot street’, but I have no intention of getting in someone’s face. Like Barnaby, my desire is to capture my experiences of people, places and events in order to tell a story. I’d rather not spend my day stalking a location waiting to capture a decisive moment on film. Yes, you can get some amazing photos that way, but then my memories of that day would be about lying in wait. I’d rather enjoy all the day has to offer and hopefully walk away with some memorable photos.

🔗 Creative Photoshoot Ideas You Can Try at Home

“I had the idea by rummaging around my desk at home and seeing what I could use and develop an idea for… What was great is that all I needed was around the house, and I didn’t need any extra tools.”

I don’t think I would ever paint myself orange for a photo, but there are a lot of cool ideas here. I especially love the photo of the kite and the playing cards in idea #6: Paper Cut-Outs.

🔗 So You Want to Shoot Fujifilm Instax? These Are Your Options Today

“Many ‘serious’ photographers look down on Instax, citing its gaudy, plastic, fully-automated cameras and apparent low-quality images as a reason for not using it. The market, it seems, doesn’t agree.”

I love shooting Instax. It’s a lot of fun. And I’m currently working on a few different photography projects using Instax Mini film. But sadly, I’m not always happy with the results I get from Instax. I find the film very challenging to work with. It has a very narrow exposure latitude and you have to get it just right if you want to avoid dark shadows or blowing out the highlights. And yet, that hasn’t entirely dampered the fun I have shooting it.

🔗 The East African Savannah on Medium Format Film: Twice the Weight for Black & White? Any Time.

“I hate travelling light. Truth be told, I always surprise myself with the amount of gear I consider necessary on a trip.”

I almost always take three cameras with me when travelling — and lots of film (I usually budget between 1–2 rolls of film a day). I like to bring my Canon Rebel T6s (DSLR), my UWS (it’s lightweight, fits in my pocket, and gives dreamy photos), and usually my QL17 for ‘shooting street’ (sorry Barnaby). Sometimes I bring my Rebel 2000 instead of the QL17 since my T6s uses the same lenses, but I hate swapping lenses between cameras when I’m out and about. I also end up bringing other gear (mostly filters) with me. It all adds up and can be cumbersome to carry, but I agree with Peter that it’s worth it if you get some amazing photos out of the trip. And he did. I enjoyed his post and his amazing images.

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