The Rundown #3

🔗 camerajunky

Years ago, when I first started my adventure in film photography, I came across the camerajunky blog and saw that Gábor was giving away a few cameras — for free! Most were already spoken for but I emailed him anyway and he sent me a Praktica MTL3 with a 50mm f/1.8 Pentacon lens. Since then, I’ve purchased a few other lenses for that camera, and while I haven’t used it as often as I should, I am eternally grateful to Gábor for his extraordinary generosity. Be sure to check out his blog. He has excellent camera and lens reviews as well as awesome photographs on his site.

🔗 FilmNeverDie IRO 200 Review

“I feel that yellow is the most “neglected” color…”

What I like about this review — and all of Carlos’ film reviews, really — is that he attempts to bring a scientific methodology to his measurement and comparison of film colours. He also has a lot of cool photos with his reviews so you get a good sense of how the film performs. I picked up a roll of FilmNeverDie IRO 400 in Hong Kong last summer and look forward to shooting it (even if it is just rebranded film).

🔗 Shot on Film Store

Located in Seattle, the Shot on Film Store sells cameras and film, and they will even process film for you. I recently bought 9 rolls of film from them online and was impressed by their prices. Given that I live in Canada, it was still a good buy for me even after the currency conversion! I picked up a couple rolls of expired Fuji Super HG V 400 and can’t wait to shoot with it!

🔗 Eastman Double-X 5222 in Rodinal

“I want to find some films that pair excellently with Rodinal and make those my go-to black-and-white films.”

That’s exactly how I feel Jim.

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