The Rundown

I’ve decided to start a new linkblog-style series that I call The Rundown. It’s nothing more than links of interest along with some commentary (which I’m hoping will help me remember why I’ve bookmarked these sites).

🔗 The Big Film Database

It is exactly what it sounds like: a big database of film brands and emulsions. The database boasts an impressive 8176 films. You can search the database by name, code or DX number and it will generate results that include the film’s name, emulsion, date and origin. The results will even show you a photo of the film box. However, the database isn’t entirely complete. You can help out by supplying missing information if you have it (see the database’s Help page for details). This is a good resource when you want to know if the film you have is an original emulsion or just rebranded film!

🔗 Flat Film Archive

You have to see this! It is too cool for words.

🔗 Is This the End of the Plastic Film Canister?

“Film photography… still produces a certain amount of plastic waste, mostly down to the canisters the films come in.”

Kosmo Foto reports that Street Candy Film is replacing plastic canisters with paper ones. The beautiful design is eco-friendy, but as Moschetti concedes, they won’t protect your film where moisture is concerned. Okay… but they look awesome! I may have to buy some more Street Candy Film just to get one!

🔗 Kosmo Foto Wants Your Reviews and Stories

Kosmo Foto is looking for contributors to the blog. Contributors to be paid in free film!

🔗 Taal Villavicencio Wedding Gift House

Some cool photos from one of my favourite film blogs, Fine Film Days.

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