National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Residential School Memorial Project
Today is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It honours the survivors of residential schools and the thousands of children who never returned home. Outside Calgary’s Municipal Building, at the base of the horse statue, sit hundreds of children’s shoes. The shoes are a temporary memorial representing the Indigenous children who died in residential […]
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Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors - Napier, NZ
Inspired by Conspicari’s “Thursday Doors” posts on coronet66, I was delighted when I came across these doors on a recent trip to New Zealand. These doors — all from the same street in Napier — are far more interesting than the boring modern doors I often encounter on my photo walks here in Calgary.
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Bromide Drag

bromide drag
These strange concentric circles that appear in the first two photos are the result of bromide drag and it’s a byproduct of developing film with little or no agitation, such as when using semi-stand or stand development. Bromide drag occurs during development when bromide builds up around the sprocket holes of the film and then […]
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The Rundown #7

new Orwo color film
Orwo Still Hasn’t Shipped Film It is with sadness that I mark the 1 year anniversary of pre-ordering brand new Orwo film. A year ago today, I pre-ordered 5 rolls of film from Orwo, including their new color film, Wolfen NC500, as well as new B&W films, Wolfen NP100 and NP400. It has been exactly […]
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