First Impressions of the Diana Instant Square

I backed the Diana Instant Square on Kickstarter and while I love the look and feel of the camera, I was quite disappointed with it. It vignettes more than it should. I know that vignetting is to be expected with toy cameras, but when it ends up cropping the lower third of the frame, then […]
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My Top 3 Film Cameras of 2022

Top 3 Cameras of 2022
Taking inspiration from Keith Devereux, I decided to crash the party too. A group of film photography bloggers have all shared a post about the three cameras they used most in 2022. And so, here is my take on that theme. The three cameras mentioned below took centre stage for me and held all my […]
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Camera Review: Olympus Pen EED

Olympus Pen EED
Inspired by Katie’s Half-Frame Diary, I decided that I needed a half-frame camera myself. I love the look of two half-frames scanned together. The two images form a diptych and the juxtaposition offers a unique opportunity for photographic storytelling. It’s something that I’m eager to experiment with. I already own a Diana Mini, and while […]
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First Impressions of the Pentax Spotmatic SP II

Pentax Spotmatic SP II
I bought the Pentax Spotmatic SP II on a whim back in May. It has some good reviews online and since I already own many M42 lenses, including a 50mm f/1.4 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar, I decided to buy it. My SP II is in great condition. Cosmetically, there are some very minor scratches but no dings. […]
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