Self-Portrait Challenge #3: Formal

#1722. Fuji Neopan Acros 100, Mamiya C220.
I took this self-portrait as part of my Self-Portrait Challenge a few years ago. The idea behind the challenge was to take a series of creative self-portraits that would push my creativity and skills as a photographer. It isn’t easy to be both photographer and subject when you are using a manual focus camera. Unfortunately, many of the self-portraits I made did not live up to my vision. But I learned a lot in the process and I hope to take up the challenge again one day. The theme for this photo, #3 on the challenge list, was Formal.

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    1. This project really pushed me to think through all the technical elements for each self-portrait. Lighting was the hardest to do on my own. I often had to convince my wife to sit for me so I could see how the light was falling.

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