The Rundown #2


“The most comprehensive reference for 35mm film.”

Ever wonder what photos shot with a particular film stock will look like? FLAVR, the Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference, answers that question. It features photos taken with every film stock available at the time of publication in 2017. This is a great reference for film photographers wanting to compare films and I highly recommend buying the book (the website sells it for $99.99 AUD, but I got mine at Freestyle for $39.99 USD).

As much as I love FLAVR, I do feel it is missing a key element. Every roll of film is accompanied by a portrait and three frames from the negative. Unfortunately, the photos are missing any reference to exposure settings. While you can compare the frame numbers from the negative with the exposure settings listed on the Methodology page in the book, there is nothing to identify the frame number of the portrait. This makes it almost impossible to identify the settings used for the portrait which I think would have been very useful information to have.

That being said, I think it is an awesome resource and congratulate Gustav Kollar for undertaking this great project. I hope he keeps it up-to-date in future.

🔗 Katie Shoots Film

This is simply a great film photography blog. I love looking at all the café photos featured in Curating Cafés and Randomly Delicious. And Katie’s 35mm Film Guide is one of the best film references I’ve come across. Formerly known as Curating Cuteness, this is my all-time favourite film photography blog and it inspired me five years ago to start my own.

🔗 This Old Camera Face-Off: Konica Hexar AF vs. Contax G1

“The Hexar feels nice, but the G1 is a wonderful all-metal titanium brick zombie apocalypse melee weapon in a pinch.”

I’m trying to decide if I should buy a Konica Hexar AF or a Contax G2 — both are ridiculously expensive. This nice little review comparing the Konica Hexar AF to the Contax G1 was both helpful and, in my opinion, wins the award for wittiest one-liner!

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  1. Imagine my surprise and glee seeing my name on this post 🙂 You’re very kind to tag me as inspiration but I’m so glad you started the blog!

    Konica Hexar AF or Contax G1.. what a delicious dilemma.

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