Camera Review: Olympus Pen EED

Olympus Pen EED
Inspired by Katie’s Half-Frame Diary, I decided that I needed a half-frame camera myself. I love the look of two half-frames scanned together. The two images form a diptych and the juxtaposition offers a unique opportunity for photographic storytelling. It’s something that I’m eager to experiment with. I already own a Diana Mini, and while […]
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Self-Portrait Challenge #3: Formal

I took this self-portrait as part of my Self-Portrait Challenge a few years ago. The idea behind the challenge was to take a series of creative self-portraits that would push my creativity and skills as a photographer. It isn’t easy to be both photographer and subject when you are using a manual focus camera. Unfortunately, […]
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Caen Castle

Château de Caen castle Exchequer & rampart wall
These photos are all from Caen Castle, or the Château de Caen as it is known in French. The castle and surrounding grounds were originally built by William the Conqueror before he left to conquer England. Today, the castle grounds are home to many buildings including the Musée de Normandie and Le Mancel Restaurant du […]
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