Longevity Hill

The Tower of Buddhist Incense and The Hall of Dispelling Clouds
This is the Tower of Buddhist Incense with the Hall of Dispelling Clouds in front. The Tower sits atop Longevity Hill, a 200-foot high hill that was built from the dirt excavated to make Kunming Lake. I took these photos at the Summer Palace in Beijing, which is made up of 300 hectares of palaces […]
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Romulus and Remus

I photographed this statue of Romulus and Remus at Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand using a rare film that I purchased prior to my trip: Kodak SO-553 100. Apart from the fact that this “special order” film is numerically consecutive in name to Kodak SO-554 200, the two films are not related. Kodak SO-554 came […]
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Santa in Havelock North

Santa in Havelock North, NZ
This giant Santa statue was photographed outside the New World supermarket in Havelock North, New Zealand. I just love the idea of celebrating Christmas with a summer barbeque in the southern hemisphere — especially when the temperature drops below -20 °C here in Calgary! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a happy […]
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The Rundown #8

Harman Phoenix 200
🔗 Harman Phoenix – New Color Film! “Like the mystical phoenix, this new colour film represents hope, rebirth and transformation.” If you haven’t yet heard the announcement, Harman Photo, the owner of Ilford Photo, has released a brand new color film they’re calling Harman Phoenix 200! Boasting “high contrast and strong, visible grain”, this limited-edition, […]
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