Blenheim, NZ

Blenheim, New Zealand

When Sarah and I toured wineries in Marlborough, New Zealand, we stayed in Blenheim, a small town on the South Island. It was very peaceful and we wandered around town taking pictures. If you’re ever there, I highly recommend the Watery Mouth Café (third photo). It was so good, we had breakfast there every day.

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Rusty Old Pickup

rusty old pickup truck

These are from a trip to Lundbreck Falls in southern Alberta. They are from the day I drove down the Cowboy Trail with my photography club. It was a fun day and I would recommend joining (or forming) a photography club if you can. Photography can be a lonely hobby sometimes, so it’s a lot […]

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The Rundown #6

🔗 A Crash Course in Street Photography “If street photography is sticking your camera in someone’s face and snapping a negative reaction or look of displeasure at having their privacy invaded, then I don’t like it.” I agree with Barnaby. I’d love to ‘shoot street’, but I have no intention of getting in someone’s face. […]

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