Self-Portrait Challenge #10: Exercise

#2349. Fuji Velvia 100F, Mamiya C220.
I made this self-portrait as part of a Self-Portrait Challenge I undertook one summer. I am drawn to self-portraiture because of the technical and creative challenges of creating an image when you have to be both photographer and subject. It’s a great way to learn about photography.

The theme of this photo was exercise. Once I had my Mamiya set up, I ran on my treadmill for a while to build up a sweat before hopping off to trigger my Alpa mechanical timer and then hopping back on to resume running. I took a total of four photos and this one was the best. If I ever try this photo again, I think I will try to capture some motion blur.

If you want to undertake your own self-portrait challenge, I’ve posted the entire list along with some of my other photos in this series.

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