I took a trip this summer down to Nanton, Alberta to the Bomber Command Museum and while I was there came across these Packards on display. These were shot using FPP RetroChrome 160 film that was then cross-processed. I love Ektachrome and FPP RetroChrome is nothing more than expired government-surplus Ektachrome 2239. I thought these […]
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Since today is Halloween, I thought I’d post a few photos of cosplay. I shot these at the 2014 Calgary Comic Expo. The last photo is of the Sons of Fenrir. They are reenactors who portray 9th century Viking / Norse culture. The detail of their costumes and campsite is pretty amazing and they reenact […]
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Union Cemetery #2

I bought a used Lomo LC-A on eBay because I couldn’t afford an LC-A+. Unfortunately, despite the seller claiming the camera was in great condition, it was not. The film counter doesn’t work and there’s something wrong with the shutter. It randomly does not fire. I’ve tested this camera with fresh batteries and I can’t […]
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