The Rundown #8

Harman Phoenix 200
🔗 Harman Phoenix – New Color Film! “Like the mystical phoenix, this new colour film represents hope, rebirth and transformation.” If you haven’t yet heard the announcement, Harman Photo, the owner of Ilford Photo, has released a brand new color film they’re calling Harman Phoenix 200! Boasting “high contrast and strong, visible grain”, this limited-edition, […]
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The Rundown #7

new Orwo color film
Orwo Still Hasn’t Shipped Film It is with sadness that I mark the 1 year anniversary of pre-ordering brand new Orwo film. A year ago today, I pre-ordered 5 rolls of film from Orwo, including their new color film, Wolfen NC500, as well as new B&W films, Wolfen NP100 and NP400. It has been exactly […]
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First Impressions of the Diana Instant Square

I backed the Diana Instant Square on Kickstarter and while I love the look and feel of the camera, I was quite disappointed with it. It vignettes more than it should. I know that vignetting is to be expected with toy cameras, but when it ends up cropping the lower third of the frame, then […]
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Where to Buy Expired Film

As a follow up to last week’s post on The Hidden Costs of Shooting Expired Film, I’d like to share a list of what I consider to be the best places online to buy expired and rare film. In putting together this list, I decided to focus only on resellers who met the following criteria: […]
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The Hidden Costs of Shooting Expired Film

I re-discovered film photography back in 2013 when I decided to buy myself an Olympus Trip 35 and a few rolls of film. After many years without a camera, I was excited to be shooting film again. Wandering around Calgary with my Trip 35 re-ignited my passion for photography and I started to buy more […]
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Union Cemetery, Calgary
I like to experiment. Some experiments happen on a whim (“I wonder what would happen if I…”) and some experiments are methodically planned and executed. Given my busy schedule, the latter can sometimes take a few years. These photos represent two experiments: one a whim and the other planned. The First Experiment (the Whim) The […]
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My Top 3 Film Cameras of 2022

Top 3 Cameras of 2022
Taking inspiration from Keith Devereux, I decided to crash the party too. A group of film photography bloggers have all shared a post about the three cameras they used most in 2022. And so, here is my take on that theme. The three cameras mentioned below took centre stage for me and held all my […]
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Camera Review: Olympus Pen EED

Olympus Pen EED
Inspired by Katie’s Half-Frame Diary, I decided that I needed a half-frame camera myself. I love the look of two half-frames scanned together. The two images form a diptych and the juxtaposition offers a unique opportunity for photographic storytelling. It’s something that I’m eager to experiment with. I already own a Diana Mini, and while […]
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Self-Portrait Challenge #3: Formal

I took this self-portrait as part of my Self-Portrait Challenge a few years ago. The idea behind the challenge was to take a series of creative self-portraits that would push my creativity and skills as a photographer. It isn’t easy to be both photographer and subject when you are using a manual focus camera. Unfortunately, […]
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