First Nations Bronze Statues

These photos of bronze statues of First Nations people were taken in the Artisan Gardens at Bow Valley Ranche in Fish Creek Park. The Artisan Gardens honour the First Nations people who used to live in Fish Creek Valley. [fancy_images width=”648″ height=”658″] [image caption=”#212. Holga B&W 400, Lomography Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter.”][/image] [image caption=”#213. Holga […]

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Nanton Grain Elevators

I took a daytrip to Nanton back in June and just had to photograph the grain elevators while I was there. [fancy_images width=”648″ height=”430″] [image caption=”#198. Lomography Color 800, Canon EOS 3.”][/image] [image caption=”#199. Lomography Color 800, Canon EOS 3.”][/image] [image caption=”#200. Lomography Color 800, Canon EOS 3.”][/image] [image caption=”#201. Lomography Color 800, Canon EOS […]

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Fish Creek Library

This is a shot of the Fish Creek Library that I took using a Mamiya C220 TLR (twin-lens reflex). I love my Mamiya TLR! It is a big, beautiful, all-mechanical, medium format TLR that is a lot of fun to shoot. [fancy_images width=”648″ height=”639″] [image caption=”#197. Lomography Color 400, Mamiya C220.”][/image] [/fancy_images]

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From the Vault #4: More Seabird Island 1991

Here are some more photos from the 1991 Stein Valley ‘Voices for the Wilderness’ Festival on Seabird Island. Many bands took the stage that weekend and sadly I can only remember one of them: Spirit of the West. [fancy_images width=”648″ height=”416″] [image caption=”#187. Fuji Super HG 400, Point & Shoot.”][/image] [/fancy_images] [fancy_images width=”648″ height=”996″] [image […]

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