Spotlight #2: Mike Butkus’ Camera Manual Library

I come across so many great websites on the Internet that relate to film photography that I thought I would share them with you in a series I call Spotlight. Let’s start with a good resource for film photographers. I find this website invaluable:

Mike Butkus’ Camera Manual Library

This is a fantastic website to find camera manuals for nearly every camera in existence—for free!

When you acquire a vintage camera, it rarely comes with the original manual. I’ve downloaded all of the missing manuals for my cameras from this site and it’s been extremely helpful in understanding how my cameras work. Even if you do have the manual, it’s handy to download a pdf version from this site. I keep pdf copies of all my camera manuals on my phone for reference. I never know when I may need it for something.

I also use this site when I’m researching a camera I’m thinking of buying. Checking the manual often gives me a good idea of the camera’s features and ease of use. It also often lists accessories I may want to track down and purchase as well. Along with reading reviews, watching YouTube demos and looking at Flickr photos taken with a camera, I find the manual a necessary part of the research process before deciding to buy a camera.

Mike Butkus spends a lot of his personal time and money to acquire camera manuals and post them on his website so that we can download them for free. And it’s greatly appreciated! If you can, please donate to help him keep this site going. I did. And I’m sure sure you’ll find this site as indispensable as I do.

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